Our company name, Kincho, is an adaptation of the word Quincho, broadly used in Latin America to name an outdoor space for meetings and social activities, as well as for recreation and the preparation meals, especially grilled meat.


Hello, my name is Nicolas, the owner of Kincho Grills, and I am a grillaholic! I was born and raised in Chile where asado, or barbeque, is more than just cooking outside, it is a key part of our culture. In Chile, just as in the U.S., grilling is an invitation for family and friends to gather, to share not only a meal, but also to have fun and make memories all year round.

Nico grilling chicken

From a young age I was attracted to the art of grilling over open fire- overcoming the challenges of grilling different cuts of meat and learning how to connect with the fire. 

This passion for grilling plus the need for a top quality grill at a fair price is what brought me to start Kincho Grills. I was searching for an open fire grill for my own quincho, but every single grill I was able to find was out of my budget and had bulky and inconvenient elevation systems. 


Our grills are entirely handcrafted with commercial grade 304 stainless steel with clean, stylish lines. Kincho grills and accessories are TIG welded and built to last, which is why we stand behind them with a limited lifetime warranty. We have removed bulky wheels and wires that tend to fail, and replaced them with an integrated elevation system. A solid stainless steel thread operated by a removable lever smoothly raises and lowers the frames where the grilling grates sit, allowing you to bring the cooking area closer for easy heat control.

All of our grills are fully customizable with interchangeable parts and easy to integrate accessories.  Enjoy grilling like a master “asador” over round rods or v-shaped grill grates. Build your favorite configuration by replacing the grill grates with our signature removable stainless steel brasero, our raised-edge stainless steel griddle or our cordless rotisserie…. Let yourself be carried away by your imagination and creativity.